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As a Phytodesign studio started in Europe, we are passionate about crafting innovative artistic and technical solutions for unique interior and exterior designs. Our custom work can include natural, preserved, and artificial plants as décor, to fit any space or land plot and any budget.

We specialize in vertical gardens and living walls, moss decoration, planters, landscaping, and green roofs. We always provide the appropriate maintenance expertise for each of your green spaces, so you can enjoy their lushness for years.



A modern landscaping field that combines botany, engineering, and architecture to aesthetically and sustainably create or alter an existing interior or exterior design in residential, commercial and outdoor spaces, by using live plants, trees and ornamental features.

Our Areas of Expertise

Potted Plants & Trees

Potted Plants and Trees

Versatile, inexpensive, and chic, potted plants or trees add life to any space.

Waterfalls & Bubble Panels

Waterfalls & Bubble Panels

Add lively motion to any interior room without the hassle of traditional fountains. Running water perfectly complements any modern space.

Floristry & Décor

Floristry & Décor

From traditional floral art to modern jar terrariums, let us compose unique decor for your 'green interior.' What a wonderful complement for your space, event, or celebration.

Green Roofs & Terraces

Green Roofs & Terraces

Take your landscape design to the next level and enjoy the exhiliration of a green roof or terrace. Let us work with you to create the perfect harmony of architecture and landscape, of interior and exterior space.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Also known as 'living walls' or 'green walls,' these are a fashionable and sustainable design statement. Add a feeling of health to your home without sacrificing floor space.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Our landscape designers give you the opportunity to transform your space with stylish plants, modern elements, water features, and more. All this at the highest standard of quality and a reasonable price, with follow-up services included.

Moss Walls & Installations

Moss Walls & Installations

Create a stunning, unique, and green space with a living moss installation or wall.

Plant & Landscape Maintenance

Plant & Landscape Maintenance

Our expert team of botanists keeps your garden healthy and aesthetic so you can enjoy your green space for years.


How we work

Our degreed, fully-licensed landscape architects take ownership of their designs, and coordinate with our horticulturists and installation crews to ensure your vision is realized to the last detail. This results in an efficient, integrated flow of activity, from the initial design phase, through site survey, material selection, and installation.

We offer free warranty repair service for all our products.


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