There are 3 types of vertical gardens: Ones that plants can grow up; Ones they can cascade down; or Those that are stackable, allowing you to layer plants. Most climbers and vines can be trained to grow up supporting structures. These plants attach themselves naturally with curly or sticky tendrils. There are a wide variety

Many of our clients ask us, “Should we use potted plants or totally redo the landscaping?” The beauty of pots is that they can go anywhere, so you can have plants where you wouldn’t be able to normally. The advantage of integrated planting is that it feels more holistic. What no one thinks about is

Here at Green Cascade, we use the term “phytodesign” to describe what we do. It’s true — we made it up. But we think it perfectly captures the mentality we have. Phytodesign is the harmony of design and plants. It’s expressive, modern, elegant, and grounded in nature. It bridges the traditional worlds of outdoor landscaping

People often wonder why we provide waterfalls and bubble panels in addition to our phytodesign and landscaping services. What we see is a connection between plants and water. Simply put: adding plants to your life can make you healthier, more energized, and happier, and adding water (especially moving water) can provide a sense of calm,

Since we’re all about pushing the envelope at Green Cascade, here are some creative implementations of our the low-maintenance moss walls that you might not have thought of. Plant a solid-color, textured, or patterned moss floor under a sculpture instead of grass, sand, gravel, or concrete. Hang a series of moss wall panels behind your

THEY CREATE SPACE We will start with the obvious: they only take up vertical space, so you can maximize the ground utility of every room or garden. Of course, you can choose if you want the surface covered in plants or just a portion of it, so you can use the rest for shelves and

Compact Green Wall with automatic irrigation system, quick and beautiful solution to liven up any space. Selection of plants is individual. In white and grey color. Dimensions: 64 *64 cm.

“Dawn in the city color Indigo” Canvas, acrylic 120*60 cm. Complement the interior in the style of high-tech, minimalism, modernism. The Author Metelina Julia.  

“Violet aroma” oil on Canvas 50*60. Large flowers, deep green and bright purple unconditional trend of the current season. The Author Metelina Julia.

“Wind” acrylic on Canvas 50*70 cm. To breathe fresh air and look into the distance. Stylish accent to a modern interior. The Author Metelina Julia.

The painting “Off-season” 40*60 cm Weather can be changed at any time. Only there was a lull and suddenly the shower wall. Colors become pale and silhouettes become blurred. But now the sun will come out. The painting is made in modern techniques using gilding. The Author Metelina Julia.

“Gentle flowering” Canvas, acrylic 60*90 cm. Interior painting, made in modern techniques of textured painting, will fill the interior of your bedroom or living room with freshness and ease. Thanks to pastel colors, it is easy to combine with furniture in any style. The Author Metelina Julia.

“Hot afternoon” Canvas, acrylic 70*90 cm. Stylish picture easily fit into any interior and will undoubtedly be his bright accent. The Author Metelina Julia.

Painting “Bright splash” 60*80 cm. Made in modern painting techniques. The combination of rough textures with gold glitter will add democracy to the classic and bring elegance to the modern interior. Delicate shades will add airiness, Recalling the flickering of the sun at sunset, a splash of water or the brilliance of city lights. The

Painting “Roman gold” 60*80 cm. Modern painting techniques combined with classic gold glitter and turquoise will bring luxury and chic to the interior. The Author Metelina Julia.

“Vanilla sky” Canvas, acrylic 60*80 cm. Gentle interior abstraction in modern painting techniques will give lightness and airiness to your interior. The Author Metelina Julia.

Interior painting of living stabilized moss and plants. Thanks to a special stabilization process, moss retains its freshness and bright color for up to 10 years. It is possible to perform the composition in any size and with different vegetable filling, pattern. Make order

Decor, original gift. Individual ordering live plants in the flask/glass vase. This is a great alternative to plants in pots. Our florists professionally combine living plants with all kinds of natural materials, pick up for you the capacity of any shape, in which the composition not only looks harmonious, but also pleases for many years.

Bouquets Of Gulliver? Song? Moving gardens? The world fell in love with bouquets-giants and leading florists of our time offer to give something that is hard to raise and it is not clear in what vase to put. But how beautiful! Giant mania in the trend is because 101 roses will not surprise anyone or